Final Senior Presentation


The purpose of my project is to broaden my character designing and drawing skills by researching various character styles and developing my own original ideas. After a great deal of sketching with trial and error, which included tossing out anywhere between 30-40 different characters I came up with three original and very distinct ideas. The best way to show off these character designs is in book form. I decided to develop characters and create three books for each idea. I used programs such as Photoshop and soon to be used Corel Painter for the coloring of the characters and InDesign for the page layouts of the books. As for the publishing company I chose Not only did I expand my drawing style and way of thinking about character designing but I also became well versed in the various programs that used. I can honestly that I have gotten everything out of this thesis and more.

“Shred Jam”

“Shred Jam” is a universe that centers around two rival Roller Derby teams, the Lightning Bugs and the Black Widows. The Lightning Bugs are considered the underdogs of the Roller Derby world and the Black Widows are the top team to beat. In this book are the various characters that make up the world of “Shred Jam”. This idea came from my interest in Roller Derby at the time I did the first sketches of some of the characters. I enjoyed the thought of how strong the woman in Roller Derby have to be in order to take hits and give hits that I have witnessed in various videos on Roller Derby. I also think that this idea would be very action packed and be greatly entertaining. I believe that these characters would be for a television show possibly, Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network. The age group I feel that “Shred Jam” would be for is pre-teens to early teens, but friendly for all ages. Below is the completed PDFs of the pages and cover design, which has been since completed, printed, and is now in hand. *Will be shown at presentation.*



“Inanimate Disorders”

 “Inanimate Disorders” is a universe that takes place inside a counseling center where the inanimate objects that dwell inside are dealing with their own real world challenges. These challenges being various their disorders and phobias.  This idea is inspired by “Toy Story” and “Aqua Team Hunger Force”. The twist is that these objects aren’t actually alive but a hallucination caused by a catnip addicted therapy cat at the center. The objects get into numerous fantastical situations where they have to solve problems while working around their own disorders and phobias. This idea came from a bunch of random sketches that were products of late nights with a few of my friends with us brainstorming back and forth. I learned while making this book that creativity by a group gives birth to greater ideas than from just one person. This particular idea would also be for a television show, which would be for a company like Adult Swim. The audience would be more adult. Below is the completed PDFs of the cover and pages of the book. It has now since been sent to print and I should be receiving it within the next week.



“Un-named Book”

My third book is very different from the first two. This book will have characters that are a great deal more detailed and be directed for a video game while the other two were geared towards television shows. My inspiration for this game are games such as “World of Warcraft” and “Guild Wars I and II”. I will be designing different races that will be playable by gamers. Each race will have a male and female version. The last images in the above gallery are one of those races. It is based off of a Tengu, which is a man/bird hybrid. At this point it is the only finished sketch of a character that I have of a race. I still need to create the female version of this race as well as different poses. The other images are a few sketches that I did earlier on in the semester and some Corel Painter practice as well. I felt the original sketches were looking to “Avatar” so I changed to what you seen in the Raven Character. I will also be doing research on how a video game design book is laid out and aim for one that is professional. By this weekend I will have all of the concept art of each race completed. I will then move to the creation of the sketches that will be used for the book itself. Its basic layout will be similar to the other two books as the three are meant to be a series of character design books. I expect the book will be ready to print by the latest, May 7th. It is up in the air if the book will be back in time before graduation. I will however, have completed posters depicting the book for the gallery.

Gallery Space

As well as completing the books I have visited the gallery to take pictures of the space that I wish to use. I then took these pictures into Photoshop to begin laying out the space. The first wall will have the “About the Artist” section and the space set up for “Shred Jam”. The second wall will be split in half for “Inanimate Disorders” and the currently Un-named book. In the last image in the above gallery is me beginning to create posters and dropping them into my layout. *At the presentation I will have rough examples of these posters.*


About bradletm

I am currently a Junior at Alfred State College striving for a Bachelor's degree in Digital Media and Animation. My strong suits include Interactive design and animation, the Traditional Arts, and Filming/Movie Making. I love to develop stories for the various characters that I have created in my spare time. I consider myself a moderately well-organized person that is respectful to my professors and my peers. I like to get projects done in a timely manner by giving myself plenty of time to do the best job that I can.
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