Senior Studio II: Journal 11

Journal 11-  (April 15th- April 21st) 2013

This week was a mile stone in my thesis. I finished “Shred Jam” and sent it off to print! Huzzah! Joy! Rapture! I will be receiving it the latest on Tuesday, April 23rd. More joy! While that book was my work still isn’t complete. I still had to finish “Inanimate Disorders”… And I have! I successfully completed all the drawings, vectors, page layouts, text, and cover in this week alone! I still have some last bit of edits that I would like to do before sending it out to insure that it is perfect. Everything is coming to a close for my thesis and boy am I relieved… My next step is setting up the gallery, granted I make it in.

Completed “Shred Jam”



These are the final PDFs of “Shred Jam” that I sent into blurb to be printed.

“Inanimate Disorders” Main Character Sketches

These are all the sketches for the main characters’ pages in the book.

“Inanimate Disorders” Side Character Sketches

Here are the finished sketches for all of the side characters.

“Inanimate Disorders” Main Character Vectors

After sketching the main characters I moved create their colored versions using vectors in Photoshop. I loved trying out different shading colors with these characters. Instead of using grey for the shading I used colors like, blue, purple, pink, and green for the shading and setting the layers to multiply.

“Inanimate Disorders” Side Character Vectors

Once completing the main character vectors I vectored all of the side characters. I again enjoyed the play of color that I got to do for these characters. They are very bright and cheery which contour acts the somewhat dark demeanor of the story behind the book itself.

“Inanimate Disorders” PDFs



When the vectors were finished I put all of the characters into the book and played around with the color palette of the pages and the book cover. I believe the pages were very successful in this but the cover isn’t reacting well to the color palette as well. This will require more fiddling with. I will be editing more Sunday and then sending the book out to print Monday.



Unfortunately, the research portion of my blog this week is lacking. As in not there. This is purely because I put all of my time and effort into focusing on finishing “Inanimate Disorders” this week. I have been successful in that. My next hurdle is my presentation this Wednesday, which I have been preparing for diligently.


About bradletm

I am currently a Junior at Alfred State College striving for a Bachelor's degree in Digital Media and Animation. My strong suits include Interactive design and animation, the Traditional Arts, and Filming/Movie Making. I love to develop stories for the various characters that I have created in my spare time. I consider myself a moderately well-organized person that is respectful to my professors and my peers. I like to get projects done in a timely manner by giving myself plenty of time to do the best job that I can.
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