Senior Studio II: Journal 6

Journal 6-  (March 4th- March 10th) 2013

During this week of work my class had to look forward to our Midterm Reviews for the seniors of Digital Media and Animation. In the process Professor Speed-Schwartz and myself had an epiphany about my project. Up until this week I came up with three rather strong ideas for my book so, we decided that it would only help me to make three separate books for each idea for fluidity and to give each universe their own voice. This would, however, create more work for me but if I can accomplish it the outcome can be great. I had put together a few quick PDFs of what each book could possibly look like for the reviews. I got mixed opinions from my professors, mostly negative, understandably as the pages that I showed were very rough ideas. So, I took the opportunity in the days after my review to see how I could improve the book layouts.

Character Design Books: 

Book 1: “Cross Evolution”

Book 2: “Inanimate Disorders”

Book 3: “Shred Jam”

Here are my original rough book layout ideas from my Midterm Review.



Besides working with page layouts I also worked some vectors in Photoshop of a couple of my characters. This was necessary to help show a clearer picture of the page layouts of the book by having completed characters in the test pages. Here is the finished vector of the Team Captain and Pivot of “The Lightning Bugs” in my first book, “Shred Jam”.



The next character that I vectored was Gretchen who plays the Lead Blocker position of “The Lightning Bugs”. An approach that i have decided to take in creating these three books is to attack the layouts of the books, working with one book at a time.

“Shred Jam” Character Pages

In this set of images is the growth that the layout for the pages of “Shred Jam” has taken. These particular examples are what the possible character pages might look like. I tried playing around with the placement of images and choosing the font of the book itself. As the images progress you can see that I played with putting a colored stroke on the images of various types and colors to see if it would help the images stand out from the background. In doing this I decided to change the darkness of the background color to aid the strokes. I even thought about not having a background color but I really felt that it helped to make the page look a lot sharper and cleaner. Realizing that the stroke didn’t help the images in the slightest, I abandoned them. In playing with the layout I did discover that I liked having lines at the top and bottom of the pages to help to in a way frame the images within the pages. I used the color palette from the uniforms of my characters for this. This color palette may or may not change when I get to “The Black Widows” pages.

“Close To Final” Character Pages

Close To Final

I applied what I learned from playing around with one page and made two pages to see what they would look like side-by-side with the two characters that I have done. I feel that this makes a nice spread where you can see who the characters are without being distracted by a”dress-up flashy” display on the pages crammed together with “decorations”. There is still room for improvement on these layouts but I believe that this is a start into the right direction for the first book.

Book Layout Research

Art Book Example 1

Picture 1

Art Book Example 2

Picture 2

Art Book Example 3

Picture 3

After my Midterm Review I was encouraged by my professors to research actual character art books by other artists to get ideas for layouts of my pages that would make better sense. This research that I did aided me in creating the various layouts seen above. I drew inspiration from each book I looked at and tried to make a book that was purely my own and that gave the respective universes its own voice. I most likely will be looking at these books and others for more inspiration for the other pages of “Shred Jam” as they won’t all be the exactly the same. The layouts for the other 2 books I plan on making will have to be different from the first as well if I wish to reach my goal of creating 3 distinct books. Needless to say, I have got a lot of work ahead in the next 5 weeks.


About bradletm

I am currently a Junior at Alfred State College striving for a Bachelor's degree in Digital Media and Animation. My strong suits include Interactive design and animation, the Traditional Arts, and Filming/Movie Making. I love to develop stories for the various characters that I have created in my spare time. I consider myself a moderately well-organized person that is respectful to my professors and my peers. I like to get projects done in a timely manner by giving myself plenty of time to do the best job that I can.
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